[5 Jan 2015 ]
Tapping The Sounds Of Portugal

Betto Arcos is a frequent guest on weekends on All Things Considered. He’s a world-music DJ for KPFK in Lost Angeles, but he travels all over the place in search of cool music. Arcos recently returned from Portugal with a stack of music to share with NPR’s Arun Rath, including a song by someone he considers to be the Frank Sinatra of fado. Hear the conversation at the audio link, and check out the music below.
Tapping The Sounds Of Portugal
Gisela João
Album: Gisela João
Song: Maldição
Learn more about this release on Gisela João’s website.

Carlos do Carmo …

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[5 Jan 2015 ]
Malawi Mouse Boys: Hunting Mice And Singing In Harmony

Malawi is a small, landlocked country in southeast Africa, one of the continent’s least developed, the population mostly rural and agricultural. But over the past two years, some of its music has begun to reach the wider world, thanks in part to the efforts of Ian Brennan.
Three years ago, the San Francisco-based producer set up a portable studio to record a group of gospel singers called the Malawi Mouse Boys. This year, he brought the musicians to the U.S. The group took its name from the job the members had …

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[5 Jan 2015 ]

I was 9 in 1971 when Roberto Gomez Bolaños debuted his sitcom, “El Chavo del Ocho,” on Mexican TV.
My family had a small black and white set, and we’d sit around watching this new show, set in a working-class neighborhood with a cast of characters we identified with immediately.
We had a neighbor just like Doña Florinda, an older single mom in an apron and curlers, who complained about the ”low-lives” in the ’hood and warned her son not to hang out with “them.” Her teenage son, Kiko, was played by an adult in the kind of two-piece sailor outfit that little kids wear. He was a riot.
But …

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[14 Nov 2014 ]
How one band from Mexico addresses the violence in its hometown

Los Aguas Aguas first album, called Easy and Tropical Machine carried an upbeat “party-on” message, says bass player Danny Cruz. “Take it easy, just chill out, everything is going to be fine. Just dance and your problems will take care of themselves.”
But in the past couple years, violence has increased around them and the band admits they became numb to all the bad news. Guitarist and singer Demiss Arenal says when he heard about a neighbor or someone’s friend being killed, all he’d say was “poor thing” and move on.
“We …


[14 Nov 2014 ]
El Teatro Campesino’s Mission Remains As Its Stages Grow

The California theater company was born on the picket lines of the United Farm Workers Movement; its mission is to dramatize the struggles of everyday people and bring the stories to a wider audience.

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The struggles of everyday people have been the focus of California’s El Teatro Campesino for nearly half a century. The theater company was born on the picket lines of the United Farmworkers Movement in 1965, and has …


[14 Nov 2014 ]
‘Global Village’ Presents New Collaborations In Latin Music

World music DJ Betto Arcos joins NPR’s Arun Rath once again this weekend on All Things Considered to share some of the music he’s been spinning on Global Village, the show he hosts on KPFK in Los Angeles. This time around, Arcos presents four collaborations between female singers and guitarists, a list that includes a duo re-imagining traditional Mexican music, jazz crooners and more. Hear his conversation with NPR’s Arun Rath at the audio link above.
New Collaborations From Around The World
Artist: Cascada de Flores
Album: Radio Flor
Song: Claveles

Artist: Magos & Limon
Album: …