[14 Oct 2015 ]
The next big gig for Cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club? The White House.

I honestly never thought this would happen. This gig is huge. I mean, the Buena Vista Social Club playing at the White House!? In Washington, DC? For so long, Cuban musicians have been unable to do things like this.

And a US President would never have invited them. After all, there was an embargo that’s been in place since 1960.
But since last December’s thawing between the two countries, cultural events like this are happening more frequently.
It also helps that Buena Vista Social Club is a global brand.
That’s what guitarist Eliades Ochoa told …

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[24 Sep 2015 ]
Flamenco was the soundtrack in this Armenian family

Flamenco guitarist Vahagni was 6 when he and his family landed at the airport in Los Angeles.
“I remember when we got to LAX I was kind of disappointed because I thought we were literally going to land into Disneyland, or something like that,” Vahagni recalls. “After a while, I think my first impressions were just constantly having to adapt because I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t know anything about America, I was 6. It was the transitional period that I remember a lot.”
Vahagni’s father had been a guitar soloist …

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[24 Sep 2015 ]

Ibrahim Maalouf says he always loved the story of “Alice in Wonderland” because it’s all about the freedom to imagine.
“Alice in Wonderland is like a hymn to creativity,” he says. “There’s nothing that is less logical than the story of “Alice in Wonderland.” Lewis Carroll wrote something completely out of this world. He invented a story that doesn’t have any meaning if you just read the story the way it is, but then everything has to be analyzed so that you understand why is he talking about this and it’s like he didn’t …


[24 Sep 2015 ]
Written Then, Heard Now: Reimagining Old Texts Through Global Songs

Words don’t have to stay on the page, and music doesn’t have to stay in the time of its creation. The four artists collected by DJ Betto Arcos, a frequent All Things Considered guest who hosts Global Village on KPFK in Los Angeles, know this.
On this visit to the program, Arcos showcases musicians from Algeria, Mali, Italy and Albania who have infused historic poems, stories and folk tunes with new music and new meaning. Hear the conversation with host Arun Rath at the audio link, and listen to the songs …

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[24 Sep 2015 ]
Giants of Mexican music take on Trump

Attention, Donald Trump: Now you’ve got Los Tigres del Norte against you.
The giants of northern Mexico music have proposed a boycott of everything owned by the Republican presidential hopeful for his offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants.
“We are deeply offended for all that he has said against Mexicans who live in the US,” said Jorge Hernández in Bogotá. He added that Trump “invented this campaign against Mexicans to gain popularity among certain sectors of the American population,” and said that his comments have “hurt the hearts and feelings of Mexicans. We …

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[18 Jun 2015 ]

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